Classification and function of oil and gas separator in Tianjin!


Tianjin Jing Haosheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a submersible pump, submersible oil protector, submersible oil separator and petroleum equipment accessories technology development, assembly and sales of imported goods Limited Liability Company. Today, Tianjin submersible electric pump manufacturers to introduce you to the classification and role of oil and gas separator!

Sometimes the Tianjin oil and gas separator is also used as the separation, buffer and measurement of oil, gas, water and sediment. There are three kinds of forms: vertical, horizontal and spherical. The container consists of 4 parts:

(1) an inlet separation device that separates the oil and gas in general, such as a sump, sieve plate, etc.;

(2) an umbrella or mesh mist trap for capturing oil droplets from a gas;

(3) the baffle plate for separating gas from liquid in Tianjin submersible electric pump manufacturer;

(4) use the float to control the liquid level controller of the oil valve and the pressure control valve on the exhaust pipe to keep the liquid seal state of the liquid outlet and the specified separator pressure.


Tianjin oil and gas separator is one of the important part of the whole electric submersible pump system, its function is the first suction port as oil and gas into the multistage centrifugal pump; the second is when the gas mixing liquid into the multistage centrifugal pump, through the separator to separate the free gas from the well fluid, so as to reduce the influence of gas on the submersible the pump performance, preventing centrifugal pump cavitation, air lock, the multistage centrifugal pump can work normally.

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